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I am writing to complain about your company. I will never use Spectrum again!

I am about to also learn how to use the internet, face book, etc to spread my story about the terrible service I received from you. I will see to it that thousands and thousand hear about you!My story: I am 74 years old and live on social security and have some very scary medical problems. I realize that my financial status and health issues are really none of your business, until you damn near give your customers a heart attack!! I am having heart surgery on June 10th.

I had spectrum internet, TV and phone service and was happy, had had it for years. Then I moved to an area where you do not offer TV and internet. I canceled the TV and internet and moved on January 15th, 2021. Nobody at Spectrum told me that my phone bill would escalate to $72.00 per month because I no longer had internet.

I did not choose to not have Spectrum internet, you did not offer it at my new address, but I was still penalized, even though I had been a customer for years. Today I went into Verizon to change my service ($41.00 a month, unlimited). While there I called Spectrum to cancel my service. They told me they would send me an email within 48 hours with the in formation to port it over to Verizon.

I then called them back from Verizon and both I and the Verizon rep talked to Spectrum. The Verizon rep could port the phone number but not unlock the phone so I could use it. It was dead. I seems you lock phones so they cannot be ported without the codes you were emailing me.

That was fine, I could wait till Friday, but then you turned my phone off. Like I said, I am 74 I am having heart surgery on June 10th. I cannot be with out a phone for two days. It is my lifeline.

I called back for the third time and told the gal, I needed the unlock info for my phone or turn it back on till Friday. Basically I was told, "too bad, I should not have switched carriers". I called back a fourth time and asked for a supervisor. I explained why.

The gal told me she would put me though to a supervisor, but instead just put me back in the incoming Que. But I finally got lucky. The gal I got, another customer service rep, not a supervisor, was Quincy. She calmed me down, yes, I was upset and frankly scared not to have a phone.

In the mean time, Verizon actually sold me a cheap phone and hooked up my phone number. It was the physical phone that was locked, not the phone number. I have to wonder why Spectrum thinks it can lock up someone's personal phone without telling them. The phone was fully paid for and I was never made aware it was locked, sort of like when you upped my cell phone bill with no notice.

I explained what had happened. She reached out to a supervisor. They tried to get the information to unlock my phone but could not and could not turn it back on. Hopefully I will have the information by Tuesday so I can unlock my old phone and turn it back on.

I am not holding my breath. So, my complaints are several. First, you up my cell phone bill because I no longer have internet, through no fault of mine, without not even telling me. You just hit my credit card.

Then you lock a phone I bought and paid for with out my permission and without informing me and refuse to unlock it immediately. I have to go at least 48 hours without a phone. With the exception of Quincy, all your representatives were useless and hostile. Frankly you should give her a raise and put her in charge of customer service training.

I don't think you realize just how powerful you are. People depend on their cell phones, especially the elderly. I think you probably took a year of my life. Frankly I think you owe me.

How about a gift of the new super model Samsung? Again, I will not hold my breath. So, I am now off to learn how to blog, etc on the internet. I actually talked a few of my friends into switching to Spectrum, but I can assure they will be canceling soon.

At least I now have an extra phone I can loan them while they are turned off and waiting 48 hours for the codes to unlock their phones. Yea, you scared me, cold me more money (raised cell phone and the cost of purchasing a cheap phone) but I will cost you way more in customers. As competitive as cell service it, I would think you would want to avoid something like that. Oh, and I was also told I would be called back by a supervisor...

Yea right, again mot holding my breath. Although I doubt anyone is interested, the ticket number is 22171****. I just googled Spectrum, I should have known.

Your customer ratings are terrible. Wish I had looked before using your service.Laura West206-818-****

User's recommendation: stay away from sprectum.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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