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I have been with spectrum since 1999 and now they treat long time customers like total Bulshevik....and they try to spin it like they are helping by changing things which were part of packages like silver and now are a la carte pricing ( means we are going to Fffffffff you more now) !!!! I tried to get reduction in pricing nope nope nope nope that’s just new clients these companies are stupid it’s like you have to drop them and then sign up again after a few months to get a deal!!!!

Spectrum sucks - and what else sucks is all these cable companies were called out in congressional hearings on price fixing and there was supposed to be enforcement of which there is none now !!!!!

The customer service was like do you have roku or smart TV or devices you can get rid of a box or DVr services and cable boxes by having them !!!! It’s like a tv is not for watching anymore

Product or Service Mentioned: Spectrum Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Now you know why they can spell rectum in Spectrum they want their loyal customers to take it up their Asssssssss

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