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The ultimate corporate Bully

The ultimate corporate Bully! Spectrum/Charter/Time Warner, whatever you want to call them, I call them greedy inflexible corporate bullies.

They think their you know what don't stink, they constantly run misleading promotions only to be able to stick it to you with continuously higher rates. I recently suffered some financial hardship and got behind by one month but always managed to make payments so I would not be more than 2 months past due. EVERY month they constantly threaten to shut your service off with no flexibility to work with cooperative good paying customers. They are corporately heartless!

DO NOT USE THEM if possible. Look at all other options that offer respectful people and work with someone who cares about their customers.

Their constant badgering phone calls and emails threatening to cut off my service has caused me mental distress to the point I had to see a therapist because I became so anxious due to their tactics. THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. They only want your money to sign up and that's when their nice.

After that, your *** to them.

If I had the time and energy, I would organize a protest in front of their offices in San Diego condemning their business practices. Awful company

Reason of review: Terrible insensitive company.

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What is worse is that they charge money for poor to no service. We have not had a full day of service without outages since getting Spectrum service.

Some days Spectrum is down for the entire day, multiple days per month. Yet they charge full price for the month. Stay away from Spectrum. My company has thousands of teleworkers.

Many have had Spectrum.

They have to switch isp's or go back to the office! Say no to Spectrum.


Very deceptive advertising


Ha ha! "Poor business practices"?

Right. Because they try to collect UNPAID bills from you deadbeats, that's a poor business practice? It was YOU who failed to make your payments. You are an adult.

Why do you need them to "help" you?

YOU didn't do what YOU were supposed to do. They are a business and not your charity.

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