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Spectrum tried to charge me twice in one month after debiting my account for the $249.00+ I called several times to request that this issue be researched, and corrected. After more than 60 of the same non-sense, me sending in proof of them debiting my account for the money, me sending emails per their request, them still insisting that I pay again and refusal from Spectrum's staff to listen and see my side.

I had finally had enough. I paid my new bill called Spectrum to ask why were they still trying to bill me again for the previous month(s) when they had been cashing my checks/debiting my account. Spectrum treated my situation like it was a joke, constantly transferring my calls and not really listening to my story. Finally after transferring me to the third or fourth person.

The guy was really rude and *** He said so what do you want me to do about it? I said, If your billing department cannot get my bill right and stop misspelling my last name that I have only asked you all to correct more than 20 times over the last four years then turn the service off. He said hold on. I heard silence for about 3 minutes he came back on the line and said done.

Now is there anything else I can do for you? I said no thank you. The next morning we returned all of the equipment to the actual store and received a receipt. Four days later I received a bill for over One-Thousand dollars for equipment and a another charge of over $249.00 Spectrum claimed I owed for the month.

All was a lie! After explaining the story again three more time and everyone promising to have a manager call me back no manager ever returned a call. When I insisted on holding to speak with a manager and after speaking with two managers both ladies promised to call me back the following day(s) but they never did. They told me that my service was terminated 2 days after the billing cycle started and that is why they were billing me for another whole month, they said that they saw were I had returned all the equipment and they could not explain why I was billed a thousand dollars and more.

They that there staff should have realized that there was something wrong on their end because the previous months payments had been debited from my account so why they were trying to class as an NSF or payment not received made no sense. Yet, it has been over 45 days since I have had no SPECTRUM cable and they are still trying bill me $249.00 for two days. That is illegal to charge a person for service not rendered and expect to be paid. Furthermore like I told their staff repeatedly, had the arrogant slick guy shared the details of the scam that was about to be attempted there is no way I would have requested a termination at that time.

That said, I will pay for the 2 days of service used but not a full months.

Spectrum is the worst company I have ever encountered!!!! They should be sued.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Remove the FINAL Amount you claim I owe and send a letter or statement of proof..

  • Deceptive Practices
  • Frustrtingly Deceitful
  • Poor Customer Service And Intern
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