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I had been a customer of TWC since 2000. I stayed through the change (telephone, internet, cable with one premium channel HBO) when TWC was taken over by Spectrum.

When my service changed, they added Epix and raise the rate. Even though I didn’t want Epix initial, I stayed. Over the last three years my rate has continued to climb. This month it was over $190.

When I went to cancel HBO and Epix, in order to bring down the monthly rate, and maintain my basic service, I was told that even if I dropped the two premium channels, my monthly rate would not drop. The reason, I was told was because I was an Old Time Warner Customer, my monthly fee would not decrease. Yet, if I were a New customer, my rate for the same service would be $119/Mo in the triple Silver play plan. Because I am an old customer, this price is NOT available to me.

In my option, this is not a sound business model.

I have canceled all of my Cable TV services and will be shopping around for other services. When TWC began offering Telephone services, I switch over from Verizon; now I may be switching ALL of my services over to Fios, contracts or no contracts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spectrum Tv Package.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I just got rid of spectrum they removed 10 channels from my package and when I asked if the price will go down they said they couldn't do anything BAD BAD BAD I changed to hulu live for 40.00 and get all the channels I like and and only a few I don't want Unlike spectrum where I had 50+ music channels


You were getting hosed on the monthly rate and glad to see you dropped Spectrum. Nowadays there is no reason to pay for cable telly services.

You can keep the cable internet service and then stream all the tv shows, movies, etc. you want via Netflix, Amazon Prime, a Roku box, direct from the internet, etc. Buy a cheap antenna and get local over the air stations for free.

Do some research. It is not at all comlicated.

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