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I have been a Charter / Spectrum customer since April 2014 ,,, why is it that Spectrum continues to raise the price of service on it's loyal customers , we have been faithful to pay our bill and have enjoyed the product that you sell but to continue to raise the price for silly reasons like a local channel charge just to raise the bill by Ten dollars ,,, started out 99 a month for the intro year now five years later its doubled in price ,,,, last bill 192.00 , this is faster than most peoples income raises , You are raising the price on the people that you should be interested in keeping , The CEO of this company is either non-caring about its costumers or is just greed driven.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spectrum Tv Package.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Spectrum Pros: Great service.

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I agree, spectrum does not care about their loyal and long term customers!


That would be caused by a promotion that has expired. When you first signed up for your services, you would have signed up with TWC.

TWC would have offered you an introductory rate that would be listed on your billing statement as a bundled price. After 12 months, that promo would expire. That price was in no way guaranteed for life. Things go up.

You don't go into the gas station because of an increase to the cost of gas *** and complaining. No. You don't go into the grocery store griping about the cost of milk having gone up again. No.

It's the same with cable service.

However, cable and internet are considered luxury items because you do not need them to survive. If you don't like the price you are paying, then go somewhere else.

@Concerned Consumer

Do you honestly think someone in a grocery store or Gas station sets pricing ,,,Who turned your computer on for you ,,, Cable and internet are luxury items ???? Come on man !!!

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