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Ordered the $49.99 service online. I had to pay for 'hook up'.

They confirm when installing they are only installing for Internet not TV or Phone. Spectrum sends my first bill out after the first 30 day where I find out they are charging me $80 a month. I call and they tell me I ordered the TV and Internet bundle and they can take the TV bundle off and my new charge for Internet is $79.99 'there is nothing we can do we sent a confirmation email and it is past your 30 days'. Everyone I spoke with is snotty and rude, they know they have screwed you.

I get all the way to the 'Manager of the Supervisor' who still claims 'Im sorry their is nothing we can do, you ordered the bundle we can give you the $49.99 deal you ordered online'.

DO NOT USE THEM THEY ARE THIEVES AND USE BAIT AND SWITCH TACTICS!!! Maintaining customers is NOT important to them; I will never use them again!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Spectrum Internet Plan.

Reason of review: Bait-n-switch 'deals' and terrible customer service.

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One day recently, our wifi went out for no apparent reason. When called and being put through a time consuming wild goose chase "trouble shooting", and getting a technician out to fix the problem, we are informed that our service was arbitrarily "migrated" to another plan, without informing us, without included wifi, and that it would be another 5 dollars /month for wifi.

Supposedly this was at least faster wifi, but my speed test app shows it slower, and everything is jankier and slower now. Typical cable company /internet provider shady tactics.

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