Not resolved

Without took 5 days to get resoved and only $20 credit given!!! Interrupted service continously!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Spectrum Cable Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Yes there service is awful. Was better when Time Warner had it.


I can't believe this shoddy company is still in business. There is nothing they do correctly..horrible cable service..even worse internet..constantly disconnecting..i am a avid gamer and have a brand new loaded computer and constantly getting booted because of too low frame rates.

I know New York was working on getting them booted from the state due to their poor service and i wish Pa. would do the same..seems like there is noone to make them accountable for thier poor customer treatment and they know it.

well tried to send this but guess internet..No one has reported to BBB? Kinda unbelievable unless they are paying them off theres no reason for this atrosity all these complaints and nothing changes..obviously they dont care

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