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Spectrum is now 3 companies merging into 1, Spectrum-Time Warner Cable-Charter Communications. This has gone horribly wrong and this company has no business being in business. Huge problems:

1. Lies to customers to get their business, making promises they can't keep including pricing, credits that disappear, and will do anything to convert you to Spectrum from your current provider. Don't dot. If you are still Time Warner Cable do not convert to Spectrum, do not give up your DTA, do not believe anything they say to coax you out of it. Once you go Spectrum, and see/hear how horrible the service is, they do not let you go back. I trusted their cable box would be better quality than my current DTA. It sucks, and when I asked for it to be restored to the DTA they would not do it and wanted to charge me $7.50/month for the *** cable box instead of zero for the DTA. They also knew that the digital cable box would not work well with my analog television, did the install anyway, the sound quality now sucks, and they cannot fix it. Here is their "solution" from the retention department: buy a new digital TV to fit their box! How stupid.

2. Miscommunication. Company provides contradictions, misstatements, makes things up as they go along for their own benefit (not yours!), and will cheat you to get your money. Whether purposeful or not, the result is you get screwed and they walk away without resolving your issue - unless you complain to the Better Business Bureau, FCC, Attorney General's office, etc. to get their attention. This company as currently constituted is a class-action suit waiting to happen, imo. They also say they will call you back an don't. They don't care, and now neither do I.

3. Incompetence. So many times the company could not do a simple task, made huge mistakes, asks the customer to chase down their errors and resolve them on your own. They want you to do their job for them and the dirty work, which is their job to do. Many people there are good and capable, but you also have several rude *** who are lazy, unprofessional, unethical, and disconnect you which is against company policy and they should be fired for it. Always complain above them so there is a record of it.

4. Proof that Spectrum is a Work in Progress, Sucks, And Should Not Be Dealing With The Public Until They Get Their Act Together: Charter Communications stock cratered a few months ago, there are numerous complaints like this one online and elsewhere, the company has a massive survey out to find out WTF is going on (and I don't mean WednesdayThursdayFriday although these might be the only days your service works), and the have a Retention Department because so many people are fleeing they are trying to catch them before they disconnect. Then they make promises they can't keep, despite them being on recorded lines, and will outright lie to you. This happened to me multiple times and is going into a report I am escalating beyond their company so the issues can hopefully be remedied from the top down. Retention can give you more than other departments, but be wary of their offers - which they will not put in writing. If they promise you something they cannot do, they just drop it, hope you don't notice, and don't give it to you unless you do and complain/escalate. Totally disgusting!

5. Illegal Bait and Switch. They took my DTA that was working fine, told me that I must change over to their cable box to get the Spectrum signal/that it will work better, and then provided a *** result that is the worst sound I have ever had emanating from any device I have ever had. They refused to change it back, give a refund, or do anything else about it. It is worth a small fraction of what they are charging me for it. As mentioned earlier, their digital box is too strong for my analog television so they combine for a poor sound quality. Did they know this ahead of time? If so, why didn't they tell me so I could keep the DTA which worked better with my television and I would have kept. The sound now is muffled, and is much like a piece of dust on your stylus needle riding over a vinyl record. They gave me some nonsense about why they can't restore me to the DTA, which I totally d o not believe. Once again - it is all about what's best for Spectrum, and not you. This is not a customer friendly company, you are just a revenue target, and even if you have legitimate complaints they give you the runaround. If they are not going to fix their problems - which I gave them ample opportunities to do before I go above them - then I will have the government and others deal with them. I suggest you do the same.

I highly recommend that you avoid Spectrum, complain above them to the government, legal authorities, and share your experiences online, among other measures you can take. I see the company as a colossal failure that should not be allowed at this time to operate serving the public. I will be pursuing this in other ways but wanted to warn you. My calls were listened to internally and I was called with apologies. Unfortunately, this is and was insufficient, but I am glad that my complaints were vetted and verified by a supervisor who heard them for herself and was astonished at what I stated above. Several reps told me that they are customers too and would be very angry if it happened to them. Anyone would be. I hope that Spectrum is stopped from doing business now until it is vetted and verified by the authorities. Do not do any business with them while they are in this state of disarray, selfishness, and possible criminal activities.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spectrum Tv Package.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Leave all the cable companies and get Netflix and Hulu, thats what I did! Spectrum kept raising their prices, taking channels away AND, then they want to charge you to come to your home to fix their bad equipment and connections!

Hey Spectrum, thats like going to a restaurant, having to bring your own food and cook it yourself before paying them to be there!

Their customer service is absolutely awful, they need to learn that customers have a choice! Not giving them my money anymore and it feels great!


Under previous time Warner management I was able to put my service on seasonal disconnect more than once a year. That is not possible under spectrum.

Consequently they force me to pay full amount for Nov and Dec when I am not here totalling over 340.00 because my disconnect is only available after Dec. This practice is immoral and should be illegal.






you can get internet for 14.95 if you over 65 or you got a relative over 65


Spectrum... the worst phone company in Florida!!!

Add to the rip off of the horrible cable company!!! Their office in Florida has the customers STANDING UP and 90% of us are seniors.

How unthoughtful is that?????? Did I say that this is a horrible company?????


you can get internet for 14.95 if you over 65 or you got a relative over 65


We have been affected by they spelled us a plan for services that doesn’t desist and we recorded the person who gave us this service but it doesn’t work. This is a platform, they don’t care about the service that they to their customers.

They only wanna sell and give a bad service. Based on your lies.


Since Spectrum assumed our account from Time Warner, we have had nothing but issue after issue. Contracts modified by deception and lies, service interruptions, long response times to handle service issues, going through a dozen robots before reaching a real live agent, days without service because "our agents are too busy." "you can get faster service if you have a business contract ~ of course it will cost you a 'bit more'".

The list is so long but they are gouging us with costs going up at every encounter. Once I voiced my frustrations locally, have discovered almost all our friends and neighbors are as disgusted with Spectrum as I am.

We need a Better Business Bureau to get their attention. Disgusted Doc


I'm so tired of the bill going up, I was told by a representative, that economy went up, really???? Next call, they told me, the price of my router went up, really???

If i want to drop my home phone and keep only wifi, I'm only saving 10.00, but they offered me a cell phone, with a bundle, to save me nothing! I'm in a small town, frontier is the only other internet provider here, that's not a good one either, omg!


Complain to the attorney general's office, create a paper trail, voice your concerns everywhere.


you can get internet for 14.95 if you over 65 or you got a relative over 65


I would never put this Spectrum in my home it is the worst company I have ever used thank god I got rid of it before they took all my money. Stay away from Spectrum no good.


Horrible company. Rates keep increasing with less service (TV/Internet).

They will find a way to put equipment in your house first, at no cost and then use it as a perpetual revenue stream. If you do not have to have mobile service with them STAY AWAY.

Their marketing gimmick "No Contract" is to benefit them not you!!!!! That way they can increase your rate at anytime.


This company has been a nightmare for myself and my family. I’ve had a headache for two days from arguing with them !

Two days and a total of 8 hours on the phone!!!!

Don’t use this company. BEWARE !!!!


I cannot count on these idiots to solve any issues with missing channels.Pixels cover the screen on my favorite channels.Every night at 1:16 am and again around 3:00 am they shut down your cable picture and at the same time the channel you are watching will just flip to a spanish station mostly and just keep going.I have cussed these jokers out before so now they are showing me who they think is boss by monitoring my viewing and jacking it ALL Up.Place is run by snot nosed mallineals (however you spell the diaper wearers m.o.) Senseless to even complain.Sure they will waist my whole day and send some dude out with device and say the torque was off on the remote-catch my drift folks?


I agree, can't hold a call without dropouts, very frustrating


I agree with them!


I have had Spectrum Internet/TV for over 3 years here in Tampa FL. It has been great!

I have had a few times when my download dropped to the low 40's, but rebooting my modem has always fixed it. I am usually around 114 mbs for download, and 15-17 mbs for uploads.


*** them mf don't wanna send me a new phone I been paying for and its been 5 months smh


I just finish talking with your customer service and it was bad, 5 people who gives no answer. I been calling since 08/14/2019.and they do not call me back with an answer Never had such wrong/bad experience. Even when I wanted to speak with a supervisor/manager I get such disrespectful attitude They do not honor the prices on their company flyers...No Additional taxes, No hidden fees, free wi-fi, free modem , risk free 30 day Money back Guarantee Misleading advertising , a Total rip off Anyone know a law firm that won the settlement against spectrum due to spectrum not providing the internet tv and phone at advertised prices.....

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